TMG2010: Delete a corrupt rule in Forefront TMG 2010


Ok so this is what happens when more than one administrator edit and apply changes applied to one single policyobject. The MMC crashes and will not show you the policy rules:

So we have made a policyrule corrupt and it forces the MMC to not presentate the information stored in our SQL localy on the machine. What we want to do now is tho delete the policyrule that messed it up, if you don’t remember what rule it was try to rightklick fwpolicy tab and “export fw rules” it will show you what rules that are coruppted.

*** disclaimer ****

Use ADSIEdit at your own risk, you run a great risk of deleting stuff that you shouldn’t delete

*** disclaimer ****


You will need to go in to your ADSI Edit and delete the policy value, also i discovered that you will need to remove the value found in local registry on the server.

ADSI Edit: Apply these settings to get to right CN

Find your way to the corrupt policy, it should be the one without data in it:

Delete it and move on to local registry: It can be located in two different dirr:

Ok so we are done, restart the server and the policys in Firewall Policy tab will be visible again!