SCCM 2012 & 2007 Boundaries Migration

Time to migrate your 2007 SCCM envoirment to 2012. The first thing you might think of is how to push out the new client and how and when to configure boundaries.

First of all configure the client push settings on the 2012 site.

Then go to Installation Properties and configure the new 2012 site code:

SMSSITECODE=Sitecode and also i added my Fallback Status Point FSP=server.local This will tell the computer/client what site they will assign to.

Configure the boundaries at your new SCCM12 site and assign it to a boundary Group.

At this time you will now be able to push out the new client using client push or GPO. Remember to place the package to your DP.

Remember to uncheck the Auto assigment under Client Push Installation Properties, why? Because you don’t want both sites to auto assign their clients.

Configuration Details
Site assignment Site assignment is used by clients that use automatic site assignment to find an appropriate site to join, based on the clients current network location. After a client assigns to a site, the client will not change that site assignment. For example, if the client roams to a new network location that is represented by a boundary in a boundary group with a different site assignment, the client’s assigned site will remain unchanged.When Active Directory System Discovery discovers a new resource, network information for the discovered resource is evaluated against the boundaries in boundary groups. This process associates the new resource with an assigned site for use by the client push installation method.
Content location Content location is used by clients to identify available distribution points or state migration points, based upon the client’s current network location


SCCM2007: SMS Distribution Manager fails to copy package

Checked component status under Site status, seems my Windows Update package wont get distributed to my distributionpoint. It will generate errrors in SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER. Seen in the picture below:

Expand the status message viewer and you will see this or similar error:

SMS Distribution Manager failed to process package “Windows 7 Update Files” (package ID = STO00081).

Possible cause: Distribution manager does not have access to either the package source directory or the distribution point.
Solution: Verify that distribution manager can access the package source directory/distribution point.

Possible cause: The package source directory contains files with long file names and the total length of the path exceeds the maximum length supported by the operating system.
Solution: Reduce the number of folders defined for the package, shorten the filename, or consider bundling the files using a compression utility.

Possible cause: There is not enough disk space available on the site server computer or the distribution point.
Solution: Verify that there is enough free disk space available on the site server computer and on the distribution point.

Possible cause: The package source directory contains files that might be in use by an active process.
Solution: Close any processes that maybe using files in the source directory. If this failure persists, create an alternate copy of the source directory and update the package source to point to it.

First thing i started to check was DISK-space, it was ok, acces should not be a problem it have worked for 2 years in production now, but checked it anyway it was ok. It could be the filename, but it’s windows own update files they should have thought of it, and the UNC have not been longer than what it has been before know 250 charters are maximum lenth of UNC, but it was ok. I also disconnected all users loged on to the SCCM server and i think that is what made it to work. I updated the DP:


And i loged of, loged on again after 15 minutes, and now it passed, the package got installed:

And the logg will say “successfully processed package X”:

And also the SMS_DIST will report it’s ok again (after a refresh and reset of the message viewer):



SCCM07: Build and capture OSD Windows 8 SCCM07

The first thing that flew in to my mind when RC of Windows 8 realesed was, is it deployable in sccm? I started but got some pretty errors whitin sysprep of the OS capture..

Here is the error code visible in Task Sequence log:

The task sequence execution engine failed executing the action (Prepare OS) in the group (Capture the Reference Machine) with the error code 4
Action output: 4 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\framework\tscore\bootimage.cpp,522)
ValidateSystemPartition(), HRESULT=d0000004 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\framework\tscore\bootimage.cpp,897)
BootImage::PrepareForStaging(sLocalDataPath), HRESULT=d0000004 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\framework\tscore\bootimage.cpp,674)
TS::Boot::BootImage::StageBootImage(sPkgID), HRESULT=d0000004 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\client\osdeployment\prepareos\prepareos.cpp,933)
PreStageWINPE(m_bDebug), HRESULT=d0000004 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\client\osdeployment\prepareos\prepareos.cpp,1374)
pCmd->Sysprep(bActivate, bMsd), HRESULT=d0000004 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\client\osdeployment\prepareos\main.cpp,270)
De-Initialization successful
Exiting with error code 4
Failed to query firmware type.
Wait Callback (Error: D0000004; Source: WinHTTP)
Failed to prepare the system partition for staging.
Wait Callback (Error: D0000004; Source: WinHTTP)
Failed to pre-stage WINPE image, hr=0xd0000004
Unable to sysprep the machine, hr=d0000004
Sysprep’ing the machine failed, hr=d0000004. The operating system reported error 4: The system cannot open the file.

So it seems microsoft removed sysprep for SCCM07, but i have seen it work in CM2012 something i will try verry soon. But there is a workaround to apply W8 in CM07, the soulution can be found here: